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On Burgers

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2010_06_astro.jpegIn today's burger adventure, A Hamburger Today heads to Astro Burger and is none too impressed with the offerings: "The Astro Burger contains a quarter pound, wafer-thin patty and comes with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and onion if you want it...The whole affair is pure Southern California presentation with its paper wrapping inside a paper bag...I was surprised by the bland, chewy beef because the meat is actually delivered fresh, but perhaps the sub-$4 price point should have tipped me off. This burger is less a meat intensive experience, and more of a burger-as-toppings experience. The flavors were all in the measure, but nothing really popped; the lettuce and tomato were fine; the cheese and mayo added some welcome fat, but there wasn't much more going on." [AHT]