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Do you have LA lunching qualms? Midtown Lunch does. Seven of them, in fact. Here's number six: "Getting to Huckleberry just after they sold of out of their famous Friday fried chicken, and then watching two girls sitting behind me not even finish their order- WHICH THEY WERE SHARING BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM! Fried chicken that is called one of the ten best in the country by Bon Appetit is not meant to be shared. It’s meant to be hoarded. But if you do happen to share it with somebody else, at least have the courtesy of finishing it! There’s two of you. If you can’t finish it, you don’t deserve it in the first place. (At the very least, offer your leftovers to the fat guy behind you that spent his entire lunch staring lovingly at your chicken.)" [Midtown Lunch]

Huckleberry Cafe

1014 Wilshire Boulevard, , CA 90401 (310) 451-2311 Visit Website