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Forage Brings Back Community Foraging

Lucques alum Jason Kim opened market driven eatery Forage back in January, and with the debut he announced his vision of collecting locally grown fruits and veggies from anyone caring to share. In turn, he hoped to integrate the sourced goods into the week's menu. Not so fast, said county health department inspectors two months later who basically took the forage out of Forage. According to them, "All foods prepared and sold for public consumption in restaurants must come from certified sources." Good news though, problem solved. On Saturday, Forage announced on its website that it would resume accepting home grown produce from "certified" home growers.

Home growers can become certified much in the way businesses can, and in this case, a private doner has provided the funds for 10 home growers to become "certified." Kim selected the first five and Forage is now running a contest for the rest of this month to find the next five: 'Tell us why you're passionate about growing food. Tell us about your vision of a restaurant culture that is more open to the contributions from home growers." Voting will then open up to the general public, and out of the top 10 Kim will pick the five winners. Find specifics here.
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