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Maison Richard Restaurant & Bakery Opens

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Phone: 310-275-5707
Status: Opened last weekend
After its 33 year lifespan on Robertson Blvd, Maison Richard has relocated east to a breezy new home on the corner of Stanley and Melrose. The extensive outdoor patio is overshadowed by an open paneled wooden roof clad with ceilings fans for hot LA summers and heat lamps for cooler nights. All those tropical plants, both inside and out, lend a coastal, beachy feel to the French restaurant and bakery. In addition to serving three meals a day, Maison Richard sells a wide variety of pastries, breads, and chocolates, and according to Mondette, owners Thierry Hennequin and Huguette Coffyn feel very happy with the move.
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Elizabeth Daniels 6/10

Maison Richard

707 N. Stanley Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90046