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Starbucks of Asia: 85C Serves Salt Lattes & Squid Buns in OC

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A year and a half ago Taiwan coffee chain 85C opened in Irvine offering a slightly different take on the morning brew: coffee with a subtle addition of sea salt. That plus squid-ink bread, made with Vermont sharp cheddar cheese and garlic paste, marbled taro root bread, and a slew of other unusual pastries. Check out the cafe's Yelp rating, a strong four stars and a whopping 1010 reviews, wow. Sounds rather interesting, and the good news is that the chain plans to expand in the US and Asia, up next comes the second US location north of OC in Hacienda Heights.
·Sea Salt Latte: Is 85C The Next Coffee Craze? [NPR]


2700 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606