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La Petite Creperie: French Fare In Mar Vista

Phone: 310-437-0226
Status: Opened June 2
Welcome to the newly opened La Petite Creperie, a stone's throw from Venice Blvd on a dilapidated stretch amid graffitied walls and abandoned businesses. The quaint, clearly French-inspired, cafe offers just a few wooden tables in the small, slightly cramped space, opened for breakfast and lunch from 7:30AM-2PM Tuesday to Friday, and 10AM-4PM Saturday and Sunday. The eatery's menu, created by Bastide cook Ramon Bojorquez, boasts a variety of galettes (savory French crepes usually made from buckwheat) with both traditional and "special" toppings: ham, eggs, cheese; mushrooms, cheese; salmon, creme fraiche, dill, lemon. Also on offer, classic sweet crepes filled with Nutella, butter and sugar, jam, plus omelets, two salads and the requisite coffee beverages. Definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood.
Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page

La Petite Creperie

3809 Grand View Boulvard, Los Angeles, CA