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Hyde Beach Comes To Gladstone’s in Malibu

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Last we checked, which wasn't too long ago, Gladstone's was still undergoing its "revitalization" resulting in a new menu, new cocktails, interior modifications, and the addition of a clothing store (?!), 25 Park. Well, first of all, 25 Park is now open selling high-end garments for men, women, and kids (Missoni, Vanessa Bruno, Elizabeth and James), and Gladstone's has been renamed is getting a pop-up beach club for the summer via "Hyde Beach at Gladstone’s in Malibu." Is Gladstone's even in Malibu? Another Hyde? Here's the spiel:

"Hyde Beach at Gladstone’s is a breath-taking day-to-night venue that brings the beaches of Saint Tropez and St. Barts to Southern California with bungalows on the sand, beach front cocktail service, oceanfront dining and a glamorous shopping experience. Guests will enjoy fresh seafood and specialty cocktails at the newly renovated Gladstone’s, while they shop for the trendy summer looks at 25 Park."
·Updates on Gladstone's Revitalization: Come Eat and Shop [~ELA~]


17300 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades, CA

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