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The Early Virb

2010_07_bann.pngThis week SIV drops by newborn Bann Restaurant: "This Bann pulls out all the stops with its design, which features soaring ceilings hung with giant stylized lanterns. Grills are set into rust-and-green marble tables, with no hoods in sight. Instead, each grill has a fan that sucks up the smoke from the charcoal at table height. Unlike more traditional Korean barbecue joints, here your clothes won't end up smelling of beef and smoke...While the menu deploys the usual barbecue cuts, it also offers more trendy dishes...Here's one restaurant without a loud soundtrack, with plenty of waiters to go around, and food that comes out of the kitchen fast, making dinner at Bann relaxing and fun, and better experienced with a group of friends than as a couple." [LAT]