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Victor Drai Opens Secondary Smaller Lounge Inside the W

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/10
There have been rumblings since the inception of Drai’s, the swanky haunt atop the new W in Hollywood, that another smaller über exclusive lounge would be opening nearby. Until recently this room has been used for a few private parties and as a refuge for select celebrities and friends of nightlife impresario Victor Drai and his managing parters Jesse and Cy Waits. However, now "invited" guests are descending on this subterranean space on Sunday evenings. The small room is filled with rich leather sofas and works of art warmed by candlelight. Resident DJ Samantha Ronson has been charged with setting the mood. Be warned though that the door is set to rival New York’s Boom Boom Room and will be presided over by Julius Friedman. If your aren’t feeling bold enough to try to slip past these ropes, located on the Argyle side of the building, you might consider the new Sunday party upstairs featuring Steve Aoki. —David Morris


6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA