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Inside Bodega Wine Bar, Hollywood

Here now, a little sneak peek inside Bodega Wine Bar's third location. Though the clean, modern space is still empty, tables and chairs are beginning to be moved in this week with final inspections, too, happening in the next couple of days. The last piece of the puzzle will be Bodega's license to booze and co-owners Jason McEntee and Greg Seares hope to obtain that within the next two weeks if all goes well. Regardless, both are very excited to open this Hollywood location which was designed by MAKE Architecture out of Silver Lake. McEntee explains that while MAKE conceived each of the three locations, "each bar was designed completely different from the ground up, while still retaining the overall idea of a modern loft-like lounge vibe, and some version of our signature 'wine wall' behind the bar."

As for edibles and drinkables, the menus will carry over from the other two locations. "Our wine list consists of about 12 red and 12 white, most of which are all priced the same at $9 per glass / $32 per bottle. We have always wanted our guests to be able to try new kinds of wines without worrying about having to pay more to take a chance on something new. Of coures, we will also have beer, sake and soju cocktails just like the current locations."

For those who aren't familiar with the concept, Bodega takes a very casual approach to drinking wine. It's a wine drinking bar, not a wine tasting bar. That means no stemware, no flights, no wine tasting classes. "Straightforward food with fresh ingredients and good portions at a fair price. Our vision has always been to create a conversation-friendly atmosphere with good music, wine and food where you can hang out with friends and/or meet new ones."
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Bodega Wine Bar

6290 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA