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New Details on Former Palihouse Hollywood's New Eatery

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Sam Nazarian recently announced plans to take over the semi-complete hotel that was to become Palihouse Hollywood. With that acquisition, naturally, came a ground floor restaurant which Nazarian described as "an entirely new restaurant concept." The LA Times reported that Palihouse's restaurant would have an "approachable" check price point, thus differentiating it from restaurants like The Bazaar and XIV where dinner can easily cost over $100 per person. Shortly thereafter, Curbed scored an interview with Nazarian himself where he revealed that this eatery would be positioned as a "as a culinary center," quite a vague and confusing reference. Anyway, Eater caught up with Nazarian and team SBE earlier this week to learn a bit more about what's going on here. First off, let's talk chef. SBE's corporate chef Daniel Elmaleh will head up this operation and craft a Mediterranean menu. The idea is to create a casual, easy, neighborhood restaurant that locals can visit several times a week. That translates into reasonably priced food (as mentioned above), and nothing overly complicated. Nazarian expressed excitement about this new venture which is clearly a departure from the pricey, glitzy places for which he is currently known.
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Palihouse Hollywood

1717 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA

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