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Ryan Phillippe at Providence, Jillian Michaels at Gjelina, MORE!

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The day's almost over, just a quick watch of stars before we call it a day. Did you know they actually eat? Here's the evidence. Spot a few more? Please do share.

1) Xoia: "Found my way to Xoia last night and was definitely pleased. It's obvious that they are still working out the wrinkles -- service was a bit uneven, and we got a dish we didn't order -- but they were moving people easily and it was busy. And the food...awesome. On another note, Fred Stoller -- of "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Seinfeld", and a million other movies/television shows -- sat down for dinner on the patio as we were on our way out." [StarWatch Inbox]

2) Providence: "Ryan phillippe and very cute brunette dining at the bar at providence." [StarWatch Inbox]

3) Gjelina: "Jillian Michaels having brunch at Gjelina last Sunday asking for toast...loudly." [StarWatch Inbox]

4) BOA: "The Bing After-Party this week, with celebrity attendees including Ryan Seacrest, Nicole Ritchie, Ryan Phillippe, Zoe Saldana, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Foxx, Maria Menunos, and Craig Robinson." [StarWatch Inbox]

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