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Waffles and More For Sale at Shaky Alibi

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Phone: 323-938-5258
Status: Opened Saturday
R.J. Milano opened his wafflerie and coffee shop, Shaky Alibi, this past weekend to a group of friends, family, and locals. Already, the praise is coming in from neighboring shop owners who have called the waffles, “just perfect,” and lines are forming out the door. There’s something both modern and quaint about the place. Shaky Alibi is a homespun project that was inspired by Milano’s great-grandmother Agnes who came from a family of bakers. The design is clean and modern (see photos down below) and highlights the waffle bar right at the center of the space. Sure there are other waffle places around town, but none with a selection of imported European spreads as fabulous as Alibi’s. Drinks both cool and hot are served -- espresso and coffee are ground and brewed to order -- and a menu of both savory and sweet waffles sets this place apart. As the weather cools slightly this week and into the night, be sure to stop in and try Mid-City’s new Belgian sensation. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and into the night.
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— Daniela Galarza

Elizabeth Daniels 7/10

Shaky Alibi

7401 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036