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Vodvil Entertainment Venue For Adults Opening Mid-City

Remember that mention back in April about Vodvil, the entertainment space for adults? Although that description makes the place sound like it could be some weird porn venue, Vodvil is actually structured to be a restaurant/gaming hybrid. But no, not that kind of gaming, think real gaming as in trivia games, charades, karaoke, and the like. One evening, two years ago, entertainment lawyer Josh Saltman started wondering why karaoke is only available in "blank K-Town boxes" and sketchy dives. Why not offer this kind of fun in a more upscale environment? Anyway, from that thinkage Vodvil was born and here we are a couple of years later with the venue set to open in November. Saltman is working with a team that includes architect Ralph Gentile (whose boutique architectural firm is responsible for Red O), Cal Iseminger, a Desperate Housewives extra turned celebrity game-night organizer, and chefs Cari Levin and Sharon Funt, both graduates of the CIA who have spent time at Patina Group establishments. This Should be interesting. [EaterWire]


351 Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA