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¡NO JODAS! Cuban Truck, The Knockout Taco Truck

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1) ¡NO JODAS!: First up comes more ethnic food via ¡NO JODAS!, a Cuban food truck launched by proprietor Johnny Dycus. As it stands right now, the truck is awaiting final inspections from the Health Department and once approved will get wrapped. Dycus estimated that the truck should be completed by the second week of August with a soft street launch on August 16 at La Descarga or Falcon. More to come. [EaterWire]

2) The Machete Taco Truck: News just in that The Knockout Taco Truck has been rebranded as The Machete Taco Truck in connection with Robert Rodriguez's new flick Machete. The truck will relaunch tomorrow at Comic-Con in San Diego from 5-8PM and return to LA and continue to serve under the new name for the next month or so to promote the movie. [EaterWire]

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