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Everleigh: Sunset’s Newest Farm-to-Table Concept

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Restaurant and nightclub empresario Nick Mathers shares information one droplet at a time. And with good cause. Mathers owns some hot spots in New York and, hailing from Australia, is no newbie to this biz. It’s one step at a time here on Sunset Boulevard. Let’s review: Kingswood is not, in fact, Kingswood at all, but a fine farm-to-table concept with the working name Everleigh. A chef (as yet unnamed) has been selected and a menu is springing forth. Mathers is clear: Everleigh is a Los Angeles concept. There was never any intent to bring a New York or Aussie concept to L.A. Rather, Mathers’ restaurant concepts are meant to reflect the cities that they inhabit.

As such, Everleigh will make use of the lush and ever-present produce, dairy, wine and beer that California has to offer. The restaurant will feature a bar, though the focus here is on the food. Construction crews are working daily to finish the interior, and, since a kitchen has yet to be installed and plan checks are in progress, expect the usual opening delays. — Daniela Galarza


8752 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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