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Michael Cirino Brings a razor, a shiny knife Dining Club To LA

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Michael Cirino, founder of the educational workshop and supper club, a razor, a shiny knife, is bringing his team to the West Coast for a couple of engagements each in LA and SF. In the past, his events have been billed as "anti-restaurant" by the NY Times. Cirino is known for hosting highly experiential dinner parties, ranging from an all-night backyard pig roast, to fine dining re-creations. Cirino will be in LA on Saturday, August 7, preparing a menu based on "Two Perspectives". The concept centers around exploring new (read: molecular gastronomic) styles and processes to create a meal that is familiar, but with a twist in execution.

As he describes: "Together, we will take a deliciously stinky triple crème cheese and serve it with fresh berries and baked bread...the [cheese] will be frozen with liquid nitrogen and shattered into a light snow that will drift over the plate ready to melt in your mouth.

[We] will also reduce a red wine and bone marrow sauce to be simmered with short ribs for hours. Rather than braising the ribs at 200 degrees, they will be cooked sous vide for 48-hours at rare. This will create a short rib steak, to be smothered with Bordelaise sauce.

We will explore a variety of wines, crushed from similar grapes, made in familiar parts of the world, but some fermented in the garage of an oenological genius while others age in barrels the size of two-car garages.

We are going to look at the techniques that form the basis of traditional cooking and wine-making and compare them to the new, modern, and forgotten styles..."

If past events are telling, Cirino should be able to pull off the above with flair. Exact location for the event is still under wraps (location will be provided to confirmed guests 48 hrs before the event). Check out the schedule and full menu below:

Saturday, 7 August
3PM - Guests are invited and encouraged to come for culinary
demonstrations and hands-on lessons.
6PM - Cocktails and performance begins
6:30PM - Dinner will be served

$161 - Includes meal, paired with cocktails and wine, cooking
demonstrations. Processing fees will be applied.

Knife sharpening
Chocolate work
Application of hydrocolloids
Butter making
Liquid nitrogen in the kitchen
Using transglutaminase
Sous-vide beef cookery
Caviar making

Caviar, Duck Fat, Potatoes, Crème Fraîche
Seabass, Stone Fruit, Verjus, Chervil
Duck Egg, Duck Leg, Goose Liver, Summer truffles
Shortrib, Red Wine, Bone Marrow, Carrots
Triple Cream, Nuts and Berries
Chocolate, Strawberries, Methocel, Ultratex

A selection of wines and cocktails will be paired with the meal

To RSVP for this event - click on this link and include any dietary
— Yvonne Ip

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