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Hollywood's Bodega Wine Bar Opens Today

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/10
Here's what the finally finished Bodega Wine Bar looks like. Not a huge departure from its Santa Monica or Pasadena locations, note the signature wine display behind the bar and the overall modern shiny/polished look. Like the previous bars, this space, too, was designed by MAKE Architecture in Silver Lake. Co-owners Jason McEntee and Greg Seares strive to make wine more approachable in their bars, which translates to stem-less glassware, communal tables conducive to conversation, and uncomplicated eats. Bodega offers a handful of both reds and whites in addition to beer and soju/sake libations. While a few soft openings were held over the weekend, as of today Bodega is officially open in Hollywood.
·Inside Bodega Wine Bar, Hollywood [~ELA~]

Bodega Wine Bar

6290 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA