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Italian Artisan Gelato Coming to Malibu Via Grom!

New Yorkers first caught word of Italian ice cream import Grom back in early 2007, and by May the Torino export debuted to discerning Manhattanites on the Upper West Side (Grom proved so popular in NYC that now three locations exist in the city). The timing was perfect and that summer Grom drew lines out the door of curious guests eager to try limone sorbet made with citrus from Sorrento, Mandorla made with Pizzuta almonds from Sicily, and egg custard prepared "as it was, once upon a time." See, Grom's philosophy is to purchase the absolute top, highest quality base ingredients and turn them into ice cream bliss.

Think of any top rated restaurant that sources only the best ingredients, that's what Grom does but with ice cream and sorbet. So, yesterday, during a weekend stroll, lo and behold, Eater spotted fresh signage for -- our very own Grom -- across the street from the Malibu Lumber Yard! For those unfamiliar with the getup, this is a great, noteworthy LA addition. And, sure enough, Grom's website declares west coast expansion, though the "opening soon" time reference isn't all that specific. According to window signage the ice creamery is looking to hire employees now, and apparently Grom will hand out free gelato during its opening. Sweet. [EaterWire]


3886 Cross Creek Road, Malibu, CA