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kogi.jpegDo NOT calorie count at Kogi or dare ask for nutritional information otherwise publicist rep Alice Shin just might dub you a "NutritionaL Nazi." One might wonder why, but Alice spells it out: "On a superficiaL, ego-leveL — when it comes to caLorie-counting, you wouLd not ask it of Jar. You wouLd not ask it of Mozza. You wouLd not ask it of JitLada, nor wouLd you ask it from Soot BuL Jip. You wouLd not even ask for the number of fat grams from an OG lonchera/taco truck.You might ask it from McDonaLd’s, you might even find it easiLy enough on the website of AppLebee’s. You see the difference here?" And you betchya it goes on, and on, and on. BTW, what's up with those Ls? [OCR via Kogi]