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Alex Chu Launches 2nd Dim Sum Truck, Deluxe Dumplings

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Last weekend at the LA Street Food Fest, dim sum dominator Alex Chu previewed the fusion-style dumplings he plans to serve on his second food truck, Deluxe Dumplings. As far as dumplings on offer they're pretty creative. Case in point, there's a "cheeseburger" dumpling filled with with ground beef, grilled onions, American cheese and ketchup; a "baked potato" dumpling with bacon, chives, cheddar cheese, and mashed potatoes; and the newest creation falls to the Scallop & Crab dumpling comprised of scallops, crab meat, and cilantro. Alex is still working on finalizing the menu, but once complete it will be available on the new truck along with the prior Dim Sum Truck roster of eats. Alex has also added a couple new items to the previous menu like Vegan Sticky Rice and Curry Beef Puff Pastries. As it stands, the plan is to officially debut the new wheels on August 14 at The Brig in Venice. Oh, and Alex is also working on a foie gras and braised short rib dumpling for the final menu.
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