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The Early Bird

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2010_06_xoia.pngThis week the LA Times files initial thinkage on Echo Park newbie Xoia, which proves to be a solid new addition. The right place has opened at the right time: Xoia "has a crisp, deeply urban feel not yet found in the neighborhood's other restaurants. That may be because its large, enclosed, sidewalk-facing patio caters to the pedestrian culture that has sprung up along that stretch of Sunset in response to its increasingly popular bars, restaurants and shops. It may also be because the menu is simple (pho, banh mi, spring rolls), the price point modest (most dishes are $8.25 and under) and the cuisine under-represented in the area." Come for the house specialty, "fat yellow rice noodles, sprigs of mint, and chunks of shrimp and pork bathed in a rich pork broth and garnished with sesame crackers," or the pho beef tacos aka phacos. [LAT]

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