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David Judaken To Shutter Opera/Crimson For Remodel

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Last we heard from Hollywood nightlife mogul David Judaken, he was in competition with SBE's Sam Nazarian since the two opened new Hollywood nightlife spots back to back: Judaken with MyStudio and Nazarian with Colony. Judaken has his paws all over Hollywood lately from My House (though it's soo two years ago) to East, which unfortunately isn't faring too well. He is also responsible for Opera/Crimson, an older venue (by Hollywood standards), so it's no shocker to hear that Judaken will close the space for a complete overhaul, and within three months reopen the club as, probably, something new. Because that's how it goes in Hollywoodland. [EaterWire]


1650 Schrader Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028