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Details on Mattie's Southern Kitchen, The Restaurant

Following the shutter of Mattie's Southern Kitchen last month, owner Chris Rattican revealed future plans to open a non-mobile restaurant. Eater checked in with Chris who was looking forward for some time off to recharge ("15-hour days for 6 months tend to drian a boy, ya know?") before getting back to business. Chris says, "I already have a menu and a plan as well as a few investors who have expressed interest. I'm very excited because with a restaurant space I can do so many more fun things than I could do on the truck. So there will be a larger menu with regular specials and all that good stuff...just like a real restaurant!" As for the food, definitely Southern fare with more "gourmet" dishes and more seafood as well. Chris says that he has a few ideas for the restaurant's name but it will really depend on the space he finds when he finds it.
·Mattie's Kitchen Truck Doneski, Restaurant on the Way [~ELA~]

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