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Michael Voltaggio Solo Restaurant Rumblings

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Some of the most anticipated restaurants in-the-making include Adam Fleischman's Red Medicine, Walter Manzke's The Untitled Walter Manzke Project, and most recently Michael Voltaggio's The Untitled Michael Voltaggio Project. M.Volt has carefully answered journalists' queries about his forthcoming venture, though no huge reveals. Earlier this week an Eater operative attended a dinner at The Langham, M.Volt's stomping ground until July 18 (that's just nine days away kids, get those resys in now), where he divulged, "I hope to open my restaurant by the end of this year." He also confirmed that he has found a "dream" space in LA, but that the deal has yet to be signed away so the location might not work out. Lastly, his GM, Josh Goldman, will head up his dining room and handle the wine list. [EaterWire]

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