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Dave Gussin In at Cleo?, Sprouts Farmers Market Hits Pas, Inside FiveOFour, MORE!

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HOLLYWOOD A very interesting development in sbe-land at the new Redbury hotel. Eater hears that former The Six chef, Dave Gussin, has stepped into kitchen stadium at Cleo. This shift would make complete sense considering Gussin cooked seasonal, market-driven fare (some Mediterranean-influenced) at The Six, and Cleo is set to serve Mediterranean small plates (presumably market-driven as well). [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA Brew spot Fifth Amendment Alehouse changed its name to Broadway Alehouse three weeks ago. Curious. [GS]

PASADENA Following that Culver City debut, Sprouts Farmers Market has opened another LA location in Pasadena. [LAW]

Chef Dave Gussin. [Photo: kevinEats]

HOLLYWOOD Both Thrillist and Urban Daddy provide a sneak peek into FiveOFour (because calling it 504 would be just too easy), the new Southern-inspired eatery which took over the old Melograno space eons ago (but first it almost became A.Shack/Red O). Edibles and drinkables to anticipate? Catfish po'boys w/ remoulade & pickle, chicken and sausage gumbo, and five daiquiri machines pumping flavors like strawberry and Arnold Palmer. Opens at 11AM so, hair of the dog? [Thrillist, Urban Daddy]


1717 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Broadway Alehouse

129 Broadway, Santa Monica, Ca