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Kiss My Bundt Good Bye, Final Party, New Location Coming?

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Hate to say it but, knew this one was coming. After two years of business on W Third Street, Kiss My Bundt bids adieu to its brick and mortar. Unfortunately, the signs were there. Back in November owner Erin Hill Chrysta Wilson struggled to sell enough bundts to keep her bakery afloat, and she has managed to do so up until now. An announcement on KMB's website reads:

"...Though I do love West 3rd Street, and I love the home Kiss My Bundt Bakery has built here, I've made the decision to relocate and restructure the Bakery and Baking Academy so that it makes more economic sense (and cents).We're going to have having a Southern Summer Soiree on Sunday August 15th, celebrating 5 years in business and 2 years on West 3rd Street. This will be our last event in our 3rd Street Location. This event will be a Bundt Cake Tasting, back by popular demand, and is sponsored by Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka. (so yummy!!!) Well will begin phasing out of our West 3rd Street location after the Soiree, completing our transition by the end of August. During our transition, we will continue to be at the Century City Farmers Market on Thursdays. We will maintain access to our co'op kitchen, so we will still take orders through our website as we have done for the last 5 years. We can't wait for Kiss My Bundt Version 3.0. Adaptability is key to success, and this is an exciting time for Kiss My Bundt Bakery to begin to adapt and shift into its next phase."
So, we'll see.
·Kiss My Bundt Struggles To Stay Afloat [~ELA~]

Kiss my Bundt

8104 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048