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Congregation Ale House Beer Bar Hits Long Beach This Fall

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Welcome to Congregation Ale House, a new beer-focused bar set to debut early September in Long Beach. Another beer bar, great. But this one is actually quite different. Think monastic communal tables, stained glass windows, and an overall setting reminiscent of a Trappist monastery. Getting tipsy in a monastery, nice. Congregation Ale House will feature 32 beers on tap to rotate weekly and one special international cask ale. To optimize guests' beer-drinking experience, CAH is packing some shmancy equipment. The bartop will be equiped with built-in Chilldiscs (the first in the western United States to provide this), imagine small round coaster-esque areas atop the bar that cool your beverage.

In addition to the draft beers, CAH will also stock 120 craft beers, ten argon-pushed “wines on tap,” and a full bar. Of course there's food planned as well. Think a grill menu with exotic grilled sausages, homemade flatbreads, prime-cut burgers, and Belgian-style fries and potato chips. All buns, chips, and breads to be baked in-house daily. [EaterWire]

Congregation Ale House

201 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA