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Le Croissant Replaced by Gourmet Italian Deli, Ferrarini

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The dust has barely settled on Le Croissant’s recent shutter, but already Eater noticed that the space was snapped up early last month. Today comes word that Milan Architects is behind the new concept, Ferrarini USA. Based in Italy, with shops all over the world -- including one in San Fernando -- Ferrarini is opening its first retail shop and cafe in Beverly Hills to sell Italian cured meats and cheeses. Founded just after World War II, Ferrarini is especially known for its pork products and Parmesan. The cafe hopes to serve sandwiches, coffee, wine and beer alongside a traditional Italian deli and carry-out counter. Ferrarini and Co. plan to unveil the completed project this winter.
Le Croissant in Beverly Hills Calls It Quits [~ELA~]
— Daniela Galarza


9622 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210