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The Fat Dog, Bibigo, AsiaSF, Hot's Kitchen, La Seine, MORE!

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Elizabeth Daniels 8/10

1) Mid-City: The Fat Dog is well on it's way to debut a second outpost inside the shiny new mixed use building on the corner of Fairfax and Waring. Set to open mid to late September, look for a similar gastropub menu as found at the Montrose location with a few new additions for fall by chef John Gladish. [EaterWire]

2) Mid-City: Eight month later and the old Celadon home has still not reopened as Rama. Eater ran into the "artist" who pained the above pictured, according to him it should debut shortly. [EaterWire]

3) Westwood: High five to Chris Hamilton (Commenter #1) for tipping us off back in April to Scallions replacement. Signage for Bibigo is now up, there's even this Craigslist ad which describes the forthcoming eatery as "Korean Food Globalization Project." According to the restaurant's website, it's set to debut in September, and there appears to be two prior outpost in Asia. [EaterWire]

4) Brentwood: Mimi's old space is en route to become Villetta. Construction crews have torn up the entire inside, all the patio flooring/tile/concrete, and are replacing it with "essentially the same thing" (why?). They said several times that the interior will look basically the same as Mimi's did. No opening date set. It's a jack-hammered mess in there. [EaterWire] — DG

5) Hollywood: What's the ruckus at 1600 N. Argyle aka the former China Club? According to the crew on site, this spot will become yet another Hollywood club, and if we take a trip down memory lane, back three years ago, this venue was supposed to open as AsiaSF. A rather interesting establishment... Is that still the deal? Tips welcome below. [EaterWire]

6) Hermosa Beach: An Eater operative reports, "Construction commenced in the former space occupied by Ken & Kent's New York Deli on Hermosa Ave. Since the crew was right there installing Floyd's-style roll-up doors, I asked what was going in. The foreman said it was Hot's Kitchen, and wouldn't ya' know it...he said 'Hot's is just like a Hooters.' We can only hope that the heat wave and hordes of AVP volleyballers have temporarily inflicted him with a cognitive impairment. But searching for (and finding) the Facebook & webpages for Hot's Cantina Northridge confirms the who & where, but since the name is different, not the concept." [Eater Inbox]

7) West LA: A new Thai market is set to debut the the former home of Crest Jr. Market on Venice Blvd. An opening is set for September. [GS]

8) Beverly Hills: Remember how Hakobe on La Cienega quietly closed less than a year after opening? Well, the space is now under construction to become La Seine Bar & Grill, a presumably French joint. [EaterWire]

The Fat Dog

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