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Salt's Cure Now Open on Santa Monica

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Phone: 323-850-SALT
Status: Opened Saturday
At long last, Salt’s Cure made its official debut for brunch this past Saturday. From “the Avengers” Chris Phelps (formerly Campanile) and Zak Walters’ (formerly Cube) comes a butcher shop, gourmet deli, and cafe with wine and beer. Eater stopped by the space just as the finishing touches were being nailed in. “We have all of our permits,” Zak announced, with a smile, “and since Urban Daddy said we’re opening on Saturday, well, I guess then we’re opening on Saturday.” Fun. Look forward to eggs, sausages, bacon, biscuits, rolls and smoked fish with some amazing caviar. A great percentage of the products (and all of the protein) are sourced from SoCal, including the wine and beer. Sandwiches dominate the lunch and afternoon menu with novel takes on the classics: Ruben, BLT, Club. The team is leaving room for last minute tweaking and daily seasonal specials. Wake up early to get in line for brunch. A reminder: there’s free parking across the street.
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— Daniela Galarza

Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046 323-850-7258

Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA