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Earth Bar SM and The Parlor Shutter, New Treats at ChocolateBox Café

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SANTA MONICA Unfortunately, at the end of this month Earth Bar will shutter its Santa Monica Blvd vitamin store/cafe (the one in SM, not WeHo) and fold into its secondary Santa Monica outpost inside Equinox just a few blocks away. [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA A reader writes, "What do you know about the closure of The Parlor in SM? They had a sign up weeks ago claiming renovations (it was clear no work was being done) and now their Facebook page claims they will re-open on Sept 2nd. I know they had trouble with an angry neighbor complaining about noise." The Santa Monica Daily Press caught this one too, and apparently The Parlor is just shuttered for some interior revamps with plans to reopen for football season. [Eater Inbox, SMDP]

MALIBU ChocolateBox Café at the Malibu Lumber Yard announces their newest menu item, a twist on the ice cream sandwich: welcome to the Gelato Macaroon Sandwich. Actually, hold up, doesn't Milk on Beverly serve up this same sweet sammie? [EaterWire]

Earth Bar

413 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA, 90401