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Tapas Hits Redondo Via Tapas & Vino

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Phone: 310-791-8200
Status: Opened August 9
Extracting information from Tapas & Vino, this Redondo Beach newcomer, was like pulling teeth. Nobody wanted to share ANY information on the restaurant, and the onsite manager reluctantly revealed the owner's name, Krystina Vi Girgis, who decided to open this eatery out of her love of tapas and wine (MAJOR shocker). Anyway, a mostly empty website is up and running, though click down below for more interior shots of the space which, er, feels rather drab and outdated. Is this really a new restaurant? Looks like an older corporate hotel restaurant minus the hotel. A few flat screen tvs dot the space, there's a private dining room still stocked with boxes, and the highlight falls to the restaurant's outdoor fire pit. Tapas & Vino is open Mon-Thu 11AM-10PM, Fri 11AM-midnight, Sat 9AM-midnight, Sun 9AM-10PM.
Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page

Elizabeth Daniels 8/10

Tapas & Vino

1729 S. Catalina, Redondo Beach, CA 90277