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Rama Brings Thai To Third Street, Soft Opening Friday

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Elizabeth Daniels 8/10

Yesterday Urban Daddy brought the early word on Rama, the Thai restaurant that claimed the former Celadon space which seemed to be under construction for an eternity. This LA outpost, in fact, marks the third Rama restaurant, two previous locations exist in San Diego and Cabo. Anyway, at first rumor had it that this space was going Italian, but shortly thereafter came confirmation that Rama was the name and Thai was the game, and here we are now eight months later prepping for the debut. So, the soft opening happens on Friday with the official launch on Monday, preview the simply designed digs up above, well, minus that interesting outdoor fresco. Inside, can't miss that big buddha, front and center, which reminds us actually of the massive buddha inside Agura on La Cienega. Two is a trend? Score a weekend resy here.
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7910 W Third Street, Los Angeles, CA