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Deluca’s Gourmet Deli Now Slicing at The Americana

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Tancredi Deluca (of Trattoria Amici) and shopping mall maestro Rick Caruso unveiled Deluca’s to crowds at Americana at Brand last week. As previously reported, the heart of this place is an homage to the Italian deli, but the soul is a well-packaged, meticulously merchandised cafe made possible in part by Poon Design.

It’s like Joan’s on Third -- without Joan -- or any of the other marketplace-cafes that have been popping up around town: Thyme, Bottega Louie, The Mercantile. There is a heavy focus on traditional Italian cured meats, Italian cheeses dominate the cheese counter, plus plenty of wine and a tempting dried goods (pasta, crostini) section. House-made biscotti and butter cookies are on offer, as well as the usual beverages (espresso, Pellegrino).

The menu, available for dining in or taking out, reads like a Roman panini shop and deli, not at all like your average New York Italian deli. Helpfully, the Italian name for everything is followed by an English explanation: Pasta Crudaiola is a cold pasta salad with tomatoes, eggplant, basil and ricotta. Panino al Maiale features their pulled pork on ciabatta. There’s lasagna, meatballs, and a few house-made sausages among all of the links that are imported. Chef Piero Topputo mans both Deluca’s and Amici, hoping, eventually, to add duck prosciutto and other tempting items to the feast. Those who live near the Americana now you have a source for Prosecco, prosciutto and Parmigiano. Deluca’s is open from 10AM to 10PM daily. — Daniela Galarza