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2010_08_varnish.pngAs part of its September issue, GQ lists 10 Reasons Why LA is The Coolest City on the Planet and many of those 10 fall to food. Love it. The article calls out Mr.Downtown, Cedd Moses, and a handful of rad downtown spots including Las Perlas, Seven Grand, and Cana (oddly enough there' a picture of Eric Alperin behind the bar at Varnish fixing a cocktail, though no mention of Varnish). More love to downtown via "extraordinary ramen" at Daikokuya, raves for the lamb-neck hash at popular newish comer Lazy Ox Canteen, and kick ass pizzas at Bottega Louie. Lastly, a big high five to Adam Fleischman for creating his Umami Burger mini-chain found around town. [GQ]