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One Stop Shop Appears, New Chef at First & Hope, Alex Reznik Shares Thoughts on Top Chef

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SANTA MONICA Signage just went up for One Stop Shop on Santa Monica Blvd. According to neighboring businesses, behind this storefront will live a small food market. Peeking inside, the space is a complete construction zone, the opening looks to be at least a month off. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN Not too long ago that whole debacle went down in which executive chef Shelley Cooper and sous chef Jenny Selden left newish supperclub First & Hope via a not so amicable parting of ways. Feast reports that chef Joseph Panarello (Rivera, La Vida) has stepped into the kitchen, though a decision has yet to be made on who will become executive chef. [Feast]

AROUND TOWN Local chef Alex Reznik of Cafe Wa s comments on his time spent partaking in Top Chef: "The reason that I went on the show was to showcase my culinary abilities and prove you don't have to be a chef for 20 years in order to be a good cook. It's unfortunate this season went into this drama. I think in the past seasons it was more food oriented. I cooked a lot of good food on the show. As far as the negativity, I felt bad for my family, because that's not what they signed up for. They know my integrity. I'm not a negative person. I would never say anythign bad about other people. It was surprising to see myself portrayed in such a negative and villainous way. I hope viewers understand that it's a TV show. I'm a passionate chef and love to cook. Come to my restaurant. I hope the viewers understand I never cheated, lied or took a shortcut. Unfortunately this past week was my turn to go home, but before that it was really just a culinary competition." [EaterWire]