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Scott Conant "Pursues Goodness" Bringing Scarpetta to LA

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201001-a-judges-pasta-conant.jpg%</p> <p>On to the food. About <strong>40 percent of the menu will remain classic Scarpetta dishes with the other 60 percent comprising new plates</strong>. And, for a pre-taste make sure to visit Conant at <a href=Taste of Beverly Hills where he thinks he will probably serve his signature tomato and basil spaghetti. With so many restaurants under his belt, Conant plans to be bi-coastal, so who will run the show in his absence? Those details are not yet set in stone, but someone from his current team is slated to head the kitchen. However, Conant also says that he will probably hire a local co-chef who is familiar with the LA market. Anyone need a job?
·Scott Conant Opening Scarpetta at The Montage This Fall! [~ELA~]