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Spacecraft Designing Larry's on Windward in Venice

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Taking a step away from the many projects in Hollywood, and specifically on Hollywood Blvd., Kris Keith and the Spacecraft crew attack Venice. Actually, the restaurant designer is working on a slew of new projects, per the Spacecraft website, one such venture falls to 22 Windward in Venice, a forthcoming restaurant "with plenty of 'hang' space." Remember Hotel Erwin, that hip retooled hotel which debuted last summer? Well the owners of that property are behind this project as well and expect to launch Larry's this fall, probably in October or November. Named after and inspired by artist Larry Bell expect a 1,400 square-foot covered outdoor patio with a fireplace overlooking the Venice boardwalk. Also perfect for the beach, the interior will completely open up via huge sliding glass doors to fuse together an indoor/outdoor dining experience. As it now stands, owners are on a chef search, stay tuned for more. [EaterWire]


1020 West Lawrence Avenue, , IL 60640 (872) 873-1001 Visit Website


22 Windward Way, Venice, CA