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Updates On Ratner's Deli Appearing on Third Street

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More more more is coming to Third Street. Geez, so much going on over there from the new Animal project to simplethings to Robata Jinya, Olio Pizzeria, Magnolia just opened...which brings us to Ratner's LA. Today management sent out an email announcing the famed east coast deli's arrival:

"We are happy to announce the upcoming arrival of West 3rd Streets newest Restaurant....Ratner's Deli! Ratner's will be a modern reincarnation of the original NYC Deli that was open for almost 100 years! With a top secret celebrity chef in the kitchen, Ratner's will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as for take out and delivery. The team of Ratner's Deli wants you to know that we are all lifelong residents of the community and that we are truly committed to being positive and active members of the commercial district. We are already an instrumental part of the 3rd street valet program, which will alleviate much of the parking congestion that is rampant in our neighborhood. In addition, 1% of our yearly net profits will be reinvested in our community to a project chosen by our customers! We thank you for your support and looking forward to serving you next year!"

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