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White Trash Wine Tasting, Okane Sake Bar Opens, MORE!

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EAGLE ROCKColorado Wine Company will hold its annual White Trash Wine Tasting on September 25. While the menu is still being finessed here's what was served last year. So far on tap for 2010: bacon rice krispy treats. Tix cost $20. [EaterWire]

K-TOWN Grub Street reports that Okane Fusion Sake Bar opened last week on 6th Street serving a mix of Korean pub fare fused with Japanese eats. Right now the restaurant is offering 30% to attract customers. [GS]

MEALS ON WHEELS Can't say they were the first, but maybe third time's a charm? Here now, Tapa Boy, another Filipino food truck set to debut September 3 at the corner of Venice Boulevard and Abbot Kinney. What's the difference from prior suspects The Manila Machine and White Rabbit? Tapa Boy serves all day breakfast. [Feast]

OC Japanese chain Kabuki will open its 14th eatery, and first north OC location, September 8 at Brea Marketplace in Brea. [EaterWire]

Colorado Wine Company

2114 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90041