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Veda Zen, Gaucho Grill, La Creperie Cafe, MORE!

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1) Silver Lake: What IS Veda Zen? A tipster stopped by to report this: "Okay you guys - I just walked past Veda Zen over here on Sunset in Silverlake - you know the former crack house conveniently located within crawling distance of the Olive Motel/Emporium of Skank? Anyway, they were having giant trees delivered so I asked the gentleman who seemed to be in charge what it was going to be and he said 'coffee shop.' Woot woot! I'm guessing they'll serve yerba mate and soy, too." [Eater Inbox]

2) Long Beach: After shuttering its Santa Monica location (which was recently claimed) Gaucho Grill expands to Long Beach at 200 Pine Ave. [EaterWire]

3) Long Beach: Also in expansion mode comes La Creperie Cafe not too far down at 130 Pine Ave. This marks the chain's second Long Beach location, another one of which is located on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. Signage says this spot should open in September, but judging from the interior (up above) looks like it's still a few months away. [EaterWire]

4) Pasadena: And speaking of anorexic French pancakes, Crepe Studio is well underway in Pas with an opening set for September. Meanwhile, Brigham Yen also reports on Roxolana, moving into 34 S Raymond in Old Pasadena, set to serve beer and wine. Pandora on Green has replaced fashion shop Sasan, and Noor looks about ready to debut. [PREwBY]

5) K-Town: Grub Street spots newbie Green Bee coming to Wilshire in K-Town. Should open shortly. [GS]

La Creperie Cafe

130 Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA