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A Moveable Tweet: Rick Bayless vs. Jonathan Gold

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Rick Bayless, consulting chef at Red O, is on the defensive after seeing some less-than-favorable reviews about his new project and his particular style of Mexican cuisine. The blogs and message boards have sent some mixed messages, but for the first time, LA Weekly food critic Jonathan Gold spoke out last week to a small crowd of food lovers at Orange County's Marche Modern. The gist of Gold's message? Bayless is a good chef. Los Angeles has excellent, home-grown Mexican food. That Rick Bayless decided to introduce (his style of) Mexican cuisine to Los Angeles is questionable, some even might say laughable.

So now we give you this, Bayless' tweet on the matter, in which he goes so far as to suggest that Gold is "sloppy" in his reporting and fact-checking. For his part, Gold has remained mum about the issue. Frankly, we feel there are better ways of solving disputes; a tweet attack? Weak. Amusing. Tasteless.
·Jonathan Gold Lectures at Marche Moderne About Mexican Food "Authenticity," Laughs at Rick Bayless [OCW]
— Daniela Galarza

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