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Midget Bar at Beacher's Madhouse Coming to Roosevelt Hotel

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In addition to that new bar, the Spare Room, coming to The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, an interesting, entirely new nightlife venue is planned within the property. Comedian Jeff Beacher and actor David Arquette are teaming up for Beacher's Madhouse, a Vaudeville-inspired theatre taking over a renovated space on the hotel's lower level. In La Descarga-style, guests will enter through an inconspicuous passageway hidden behind a bookcase into a 2,500-square foot space clad with a tiered glass stage, floor to ceiling chandeliers (?), a giant coffin, among other normal decor. But wait, it gets better. According to the release, "little people" will fly across the room and operate a "midget bar" aka little people serving drinks. Let's not forget about the go-go girls, burlesque dancers, midget impersonators, live animals, fire-breathers, omg. All of this is slated to roll out in the fall. Beacher says, "It's some next level shit! Will be the hottest spot LA has had in decades." Next level, at least. [EaterWire]

Roosevelt Hotel

7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA