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NY Times Restaurant Critic Sam Sifton Goes Gaga Over LudoBites 5.0

As if there hasn't been enough Ludo madness lately, today the New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton (holy cats!) pens an ode to the itinerant chef: "Reservations to LudoBites are the summer’s must-have accessory." Of course they are. Sifty stopped by twice last week (Ludo did not know he was there) to sample LudoBites 5.0 and see what all the fuss was about. He deems Ludo's amalgam of dishes "both simple in flavor and amazingly complex in execution." Getting into specifics, he describes Ludo's 147 degree egg enveloped within a potato mousseline as "narcotic," meanwhile the naan with coconut butter is "new and exciting," and the reconstructed goat cheese salad as soup is "crazy, and sublime." BAM. And, as for entrees, they're just as praise-worthy: "The entrees at LudoBites are, in contrast to current East Coast restaurant trends, reliably as good as the appetizers that precede them." Sifty is so giddy over his trip to Ludoland, in finality he writes, "The first night eating all this was an amazement. The second was about 10 times better — each dish perfectly executed, with every flavor in place, every temperature correct, every plate a fully realized piece of art. It was only the fifth night the restaurant had been open." What. A. Review.
·LudoBites 5.0, Pop-Up Dining in Los Angeles [LAT]

LudoBites 5.0

227 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90015