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Stinky Cheese Comes To Pas: The Cheese Store of Pasadena

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While stores and restaurants on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills come and go, Norbert Wabnig's famed mecca of all things cheese (plus an overwhelming selection of boutique wines, olive oil, tri-colored ribbons of imported Italian pastas, pretty much anything and everything highly gastronomic and delicious), The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, has survived the test of time, celebrating its 43rd birthday this year. What a doozy. With this news come word that the Cheese Store of BH crew will help open The Cheese Store of Pasadena set to debut October 1 on Shoppers Lane across from The Counter and next to The Wine Detective and Tazza Bianca. Keep in mind, though, that this is not an official second location by any means. Nonetheless, get excited. [EaterWire]