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Magnolia Still Shuttered, Avalon Hotel 86s Foie, MORE!

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MID-CITYMagnolia Bakery is still closed after the health department intervened last week. Word is that they plan to reopen next week. [EaterWire]

BEVERLY HILLS As of today, the Avalon Hotel (and Oliverio) has removed foie gras from its menu indefinitely. The Avalon is the second LA establishment after Spago to do so. [EaterWire]

USCChick-fil-A opens its 1500th outpost (sheesh) August 12 on Figueroa near USC. [EaterWire]

OVER SEASAccording to Perez Hilton, David Beckham is teaming up with Gordon Ramsay to open a pub called The Queen Vic in England. Maybe not the best idea... [Perez Hilton, Eater National]

Magnolia Bakery

8389 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 323 951 0636 Visit Website

Magnolia Bakery

8389 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90048