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Ratner's Deli Underway, Needs YOUR Help!

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By now it comes as no surprise that NY dining staple Rater's Deli has plans to shack up here in LA. Last we heard from the Ratner's team, management sent eager diners an email blast hinting at a "top secret" celebrity chef who would claim kitchen stadium. Kinda a random move. Anyway, just now Ratner's sent out another blast asking for support regarding the imminent inception. The word:

"As you know, our final appeal hearing is coming up. The lion’s share of the work is now done and our journey is continuing! The entire process, although lengthier than we expected, has been filled with many roadblocks and nuances that we could not have anticipated. All of the raised objections to our proposed deli have been addressed and satisfied. We have the full support of many notable citywide political and business leaders, and wonderful residents, like yourselves, within the community, with over 3,000 signed petitions evidencing support for our project. Even though this now looks like we are in the final phase of opening Ratner’s, we still need supporters of this project to attend our final City Council PLUM Hearing on September 14th at City Hall. Please RSVP at this e-mail for detailed information and directions. On behalf of Ratner's, thank you so very much for your continued support!"
·Updates On Ratner's Deli Appearing on Third Street [~ELA~]

8480 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA