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sno:la Beverly Hills "Temporarily" Shuttered, Pops Up in SaMo

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Almost exactly three years ago to the day sno:la debuted its eco-friendly digs and organic frozen yogurt on Beverly Drive, attempting to differentiate itself from the major players (er, Pinkberry, Red Mango) with toppings like aloe, natade coco, and sometimes even avocado. Anyway, about a year ago came word that the icy treat shop had plans to move west with a new location in Santa Monica on Santa Monica Blvd, though that space never came to fruition. So what is really going on with sno:la? Eater recently passed the Beverly Hills space to find the cafe shuttered with the above posted sign announcing a temporary closure. However, the chronicle continues as Grub Street reports that sno:la has snagged a space at the coveted Santa Monica farmers market starting October 1. Perhaps this is in place of that Santa Monica shop that never debuted? Sayonara Beverly Hills, hello Santa Monica. [EaterWire, GS]


244 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA