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Changes at SaMo Farmers Markets, Street Hawker Truck, David Myers in Japan

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SANTA MONICA In addition to sno:la snagging a Santa Monica farmers market space, so has Valerie Confections (is this in place of a west side shop?). The east side chocolatier recently expanded into savories, and now coastal residents can score Valerie's new "Valerie at the Market" line on Saturdays in SM. Valerie Confections has taken over a slot previously allocated to The BreadMan. Anyway, other changes of note happening at other local markets, catch the full rundown here. [LAW]

AROUND TOWN Don't think you can escape a week without a new food truck hitting the streets. Today Grub Street discovers that Singaporean street-cooking debuts in LA on Sept 20 from newcomer Street Hawker Truck. The range of eats (hailing from China, Malaysia, and India) includes chicken curry with roti, Hainanese chicken rice, and fried hokkien noodles with prawns. [GS]

JAPAN Interestingly enough, David Myers has mostly experienced a crumbling empire here on home turf, but apparently those abroad are more apt to work with the chef. David Myers and Co. have launched two restaurants in Tokyo, David Myers Café, a California-inspired restaurant (sounds like Sona), and SOLA by David Myers, a high-end Japanese/California/French patisserie (sounds like Boule), both located within the Mitsukoshi Ginza shopping centre. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Chef David Myers]